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Building an Award-Winning Customer Experience

MOO is an online print and design company. We love great design and believe it can work wonders for every business, no matter their size. That’s why we make it simple for our customers to create beautiful, expertly crafted business stationery and promotional materials that start conversations and open doors.

Customer experience sits at the heart of our business, with our contact center agents sitting in the heart of our London HQ and Rhode Island Operations Hub. We believe that a consistent premium experience is paramount in building trust with our customers. At MOO, customer experience isn’t just the customer service, it is the entire experience a customer has with us, over the duration of the relationship. It is multiple teams and multiple touch-points.

MOO customer care team

In 2016 we were recognized by four different award programs for both our front line support and our wider customer experience initiatives. We were were honored to be recognized with 10 awards, including Best Small Contact Center, Best Chat Support and Best Use of Technology at the ICMI Global Contact Center Awards.

We’ve boiled down our success to 4 key ingredients.

Delightful Customer Service

Make it as simple for your customers as possible. Being in the right place, at the right time is paramount, so ensure you select channels and operating hours which suit your customers. Once you’re available where and when they need you, be proactive, keep it human and do everything you can to keep customers happy. All the above means nothing if it comes too late though, so wait times should be short and emails responded to quickly.

At MOO we offer support via live chat, email, social media and phone. Our ambitious response time SLAs and quality targets ensure we always deliver delight. We’ve also developed a way to make it easy for customer to answer their own questions. Our intelligent, AI powered self-service widget (in partnership with AnswerDash) was awarded Best Use of Technology at the 2016 ICMI Global Contact Center Awards.

MOO SLA & CSAT goals 

Great Employee Experience

It is what’s inside that counts, so understanding the employee experience and working hard on their well-being is vital. From the hiring and onboarding process to performance management and career development, every detail counts. Employee journey mapping and engagement surveys can help you to uncover your strengths and weakness.

At MOO, once agents join the team, we have a detailed onboarding program with a mix of classroom learning from our dedicated trainers, supervisor coaching and on-the-job training with agent buddies. Once agents pass their probation, biweekly 1-2-1s (focused on quality and career progression) and a rewards program help our agents to develop and grow.

On top of all this, food and fun goes a long way. Communal Friday lunches, free fruit, cereal and an endless supply of ice-cream helps to keep the team fed and watered. Regular social activities like go-karting, bowling or just drinks in the local bar help to build team cohesion.

Valuable Customer Insights

Fixing issues for customers in 1-2-1 interactions can be costly and in some cases can come too late to rescue a customer. Contact centers are often a band-aid for broken customer experiences - plugging holes in “the leaky bucket”. Capturing feedback and understanding the customer experience across all touchpoints can help you to identify the pain-points to prevent and wow moments to accentuate.

Customer service interactions can be a great place to start. Simple case tagging or categorization can help you to identify big issues. Tying those to CSAT can highlight the severity or pain customers are experiencing. Joining this with journey mapping sessions helps to paint a vivid picture of the current experience and design new ones.

Surveying customers to capture NPS, customer effort and ad-hoc feedback helps to amplify the voice of the customer. Using commercial metrics (e.g. refunds, retention/churn, lifetime value) and segmenting (e.g. geographically, by product, channel) to enrich your data helps you to drill-down to specific issues and track their impact on the business.

Transformation and Improvement

Sharing is caring. Collecting, curating and analyzing data in isolation won’t lead to improvements. Setting agreed customer experience KPIs with business units responsible for different touch points will strengthen your customer centricity. We share voice of customer data monthly, including high level KPIs, issue summaries and actionable insight. The executive team gets a short summary on a monthly basis and internal stakeholders get a targeted report focused on their touchpoints.

Pushing voice of customer into the organization in monthly curated reports will only get you so far though. We’ve empowered everyone at MOO to access KPIs and customer feedback via online tools. We know that action changes things, so we actively promote customer advocacy, publicly lobby for improvement and champion change across the organization.

If you are attending the Contact Center Expo & Conference, MOO will be sharing more best practices on Tuesday, May 23rd, in a session titled “Building an Award Winning Customer Experience”. Hope to see you there!