Thinking 'Bout Them Generations

One of the hottest topics in organizations around the world is how the latest generations to enter the workforce are vastly different from their predecessors. As a member of one of these “alien” generations (I’m on the cusp between being a millennial and Gen Xer), I’ve struggled to buy into some of the hype that surrounds these generational differences.   In fact, I’ve read some great research that debunks many of the widely held beliefs around the expectations of younger professionals.  That said, I’ve also found that there is always some degree of truth behind what many of the generational “experts” are preaching as gospel.  

If I’m being brutally honest, I believe that we’ve had it easy when it’s come to the purported disparity of generational differences in the workforce.  I also believe that the degree to which these differences impact teams and organizations is about to rapidly increase.  My generation was the last to live in a world without computers in every home, cell phones in every hand, or digital pervasiveness in every way of life.  By the late 90s and early 2000s, this had rapidly changed.  Enter the childhood of Generation Z.

Robert Half, ranked the highest staffing firm by FORTUNE® magazine, recently conducted a survey of their members to better understand the impact that Generation Z will have on the professional world.  On the back of their study, they released a guide and the below infographic.  It definitely caught my attention and caused me to stop and think about the changes that are certain to come.  Are you and your staff ready for the generational changes ahead?

Join us tomorrow (Tuesday, June 28th) for an #ICMIchat about bridging the generational gap in the workplace. The conversation starts at 1:00pm ET. Just follow and use our hashtag to participate.

Pre-chat assignment: Take this quiz to find which generation you are at heart!

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