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Talk Less, Listen More

Note from the editors: This tip from Dayna is a great one to pass around the contact center! How well are your agents really listening to your customers? How well are you listening to the suggestions your agents provide? Make active listening a priority and see how much it impacts the customer and agent experience. Want more inspiration? Be sure to join us at Contact Center Demo and Conference where Dayna Steele will be a keynote speaker!

Active Listening

If you are not learning something from everyone you speak to, you are talking too much. Everyone has a story. Everyone has information. Even when we ask someone a specific question, we tend to hear only half the answer. Every single person you speak to today – think afterwards – what did I just learn from that person. This includes co-workers, clients, kids, spouses, friends, even strangers. Really listen to everyone today and learn something from every person you talk to.

From the hit musical Hamilton – talk less, smile more.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele

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