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I Pledge My Allegiance to Your Brand

How staffing with brand ambassadors makes a difference in your customer satisfaction

Whether you hire agents in-house or outsource your customer care, how can you ensure you are getting the best quality agents possible? Beyond the basic skill set, attitude and experience factors, how can you ensure they are the best possible brand ambassadors to produce that quality outcome? The quick and simple answer: Data collection. It starts with the sourcing of agents and continues through the management of experience profiles for each of your agents.

Brand loyalty

So how do you get your agents to pledge their allegiance to your brand?

  1. Define what agent qualities or attributes are important to represent your brand.
  2. Qualify an applicant’s level of knowledge, previous experience, and preference for your brand.
  3. Ask them what call types they prefer.
  4. Cross reference qualities and attributes to call type preferences.
  5. Conduct voice auditions for qualities and attributes, not once, but twice.
  6. Create a searchable database with all these data points
  7. Then leverage your database to identify the right agents for the right program.

In a brick and mortar environment, building a database of the right agents in the first place might prove to be more difficult. After all, how many agents can you expect to identify in a drivable radius from your call center who have meaningful experience with your brand and previous call center experience? Call center service providers that provide a distributed agent model, where agents are sourced from around the United States, can identify and engage with a higher number of quality candidates.

How Brand Allegiance Is Done Right

In addition to your initial data collection during the agent sourcing phase, the ability to survey your agents on an ongoing basis to build their experience profiles is key. LiveOps Agent Services, a call center service provider with over 20,000 independent virtual agents throughout the United States, leverages their agent knowledge base and conducts ongoing surveys to identify agents that best align with their clients’ brands. Not only can they identify agents with the desired attributes, call type preference and historical call performance, but even more importantly, they can identify agents with previous client brand experiences and client brand preferences.

As opposed to force feeding agents programs that they may not feel connected with, LiveOps serves up program profiles to the agents and gives agents full independence to opt-in to the programs that interest them. Essentially, LiveOps becomes a match maker, connecting quality agents with client programs resulting in better customer call experiences. LiveOps then provides all the real-time data, results and call recordings to its clients for quality assurance purposes.

Evidence suggests that previous knowledge, experience, and preference for a brand provides better quality agents for clients and a better customer experience. Are your agents pledging their allegiance to your brand?

About LiveOps

LiveOps is a leader in specialized, scalable, and limitless inbound and outbound contact center solutions for insurance, health & human services, financial services, and retail clients. LiveOps’ unmatched scalable community of quality agents is a perfect fit for any organization that experiences fluctuating call patterns. For more about LiveOps visit http://www.liveops.com/.