Your Wish is Our Command. Wow.

Wow someone today – a customer, a client, a stranger, your partner. Restoration Hardware called to let us know a table we had ordered had arrived (early) and was ready for delivery. Their exact words: Your table is ready for delivery. We can deliver it anytime, your choice. Which day do you prefer? Really? There is still a company that actually does this sort of thing? We must have landed in a parallel universe. OK. No problem, they say, we will call you the day before with a 2-hour window and will do our best to work that within your schedule. This is what creates Zombie Loyalists. Have no idea what that means? Read Peter Shankman’s book of the same name. Now we need chairs. Any guess where we will go shop first?

Also read: Offer the customer free ice cream. With summer on the horizon, this is a good one.

Do whatever it takes to WOW someone today. It pays off forever.



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