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The First 90 Days: What Every New Contact Center Leader Should Do

A new contact center leader has been brought in to “turn things around”, and most of the staff are not thrilled!  How many of you have experienced this scenario?  It's a common one that most of us have experienced.  Sadly, this transition is not always a smooth one. Feelings are hurt, buy-in may be hard to achieve, and new leaders are often alienated and/or misunderstood.  What is one to do?

Sarah Reed provided sound advice for a new contact center leader that is certain to pay huge dividends. During her one hour session at ICMI’s 2015 Contact Center Expo & Conference in Orlando, Sarah offered up the acronym BFO, or Blinding Flashes of the Obvious.  As she explained, “these aren’t new concepts” instead, they are tried and true methods of leadership that make sense because they work.  In fact, she reiterated that because these steps have proven favorable, they should be repeated.  So, what are these BFOs?


As you can see, these steps aren’t revolutionary. Yet, they are necessary to help new leaders establish themselves, gain buy-in, and triumphantly integrate into the new team. But, success is in the details! Attendees were offered real world examples of how to practice these steps.  With each point, Sarah was drilling down and delivering practical applications. This is where it all came together!

For example, don't merely introduce yourself, but do so through explaining your personality, leadership style, passions and purpose.  What does it mean to lead strong? Sarah suggested volunteering for causes that are dear to the team members and/or the company.  All throughout the session, sound advice and years of experience, wisdom, and best practices were poured into the audience. This resulted in an engaged and motivated crowd eager to set in motion the wealth of knowledge and information given.

To give this presentation “two thumbs up” would be a disservice. Awesome would not be an adequate description.  This session was a must not only for new leaders but all leaders.