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Spotlight on inContact's Discover Workforce Optimization (WFO) Solution

For established organizations ranging from start-up to small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) in need of a solution to promote a customer-centric environment, we spotlight inContact’s Discover WFO suite. Discover is a fully featured a workforce optimization suite that enables organizations to flexibly use business intelligence for employee efficiency and operational gains without sacrificing time or resources. The Discover WFO Suite puts the power of the cloud and proven workforce optimization applications that provide your management and quality assurance teams with a clear way to effectively evaluate employee performance, adhere to corporate processes and procedures, and drive the employee behaviors that build customer loyalty.

The Discover suite stands out due to its ability to scale quickly and affordably to meet the changing demands and needs of the midmarket. With a unified interface, you can improve operational efficiencies without the hassle of separate applications or browsers, providing seamless navigation and user experience. Let’s “Discover” the difference an effective, customizable workforce optimization solution can make.

  • Call Recording - Record 100% of customer interaction. With priority-based scheduling and archiving, you control what is recorded. PCI & DSS Compliance for recording, highly scalable, seamless CTI integrations, advanced filters for call retrieval.
  • Quality Management - Drive customer satisfaction through Quality Management (QM) equating to customer loyalty. QM helps raise the bar through management of employee performance, ensuring the adherence to corporate objectives and maximizing agent efficiency. Agent Evaluation included, no additional licensing required. Easy & flexible form builder, unlimited playback, synchronized call and screen capture playback for easy scoring, detailed reporting, built-in arbitration process, web-based evaluations, and unlimited forms.
  • Coaching & Training - Allows your agents to have the tools necessary for success at their fingertips while providing an effective way to comprehend their successes and areas of opportunity. When coupled with call recording and QM, coaching increases customer satisfaction through agent empowerment and improved agent performance. Gamification features included promotes self-improvement, quickly develops and retain highly skilled agents, assign customizable curriculum to groups or teams of agents, supports a variety of training media and hold agents accountable with the ability to track completed assignments.
  • Screen Capture - Improves efficiency, quality, customer service and compliance. Desktop recording combines full motion video with synchronized call recordings to create a comprehensive view of interactions. Captured at variable bit rate, supports multiple monitors, capture remote office and agents, ability to black out sensitive information for PCI compliance, record email & chat sessions, , integrated seamlessly with the QM module, click and drag option to zoom in on areas of interest and recordings are easily exported, archived or shared in various standard or encrypted formats.
  • Speech Analytics - Through our phonetic-based analytic solution, you can quickly locate keywords and phrases contained within call recordings. This reduces risk through increased compliance and identifies opportunities to leverage business intelligence to improve overall operational efficiencies: Keyword and phrase-mining up to 100% of recordings delivers accurate and real-time results. Flexible with non-standard dialogue such as jargon, slang and foreign vocabulary. Confidence scoring assist to minimize false positives by assigning probability percentages to results. Low cost of ownership with minimal hardware footprint.
  • Desktop Analytics - Integrates with agent workstations to extract relevant data and stores it for easy recall. PCI Compliant, secure identity verification and CRM Data extraction in-call records for easy retrieval.
  • Workforce Management - (WFM) solution enables easy and efficient agent scheduling so that you have the right people in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time.: single & multi-skill forecasting KPIs avoid staffing level problems. Contingent flexibility by adding “what if” criteria, intraday management with real-time adherence, service level snap shots and real time forecast-to-actual comparisons. Integrated shift bidding, shift swaps and time off request, 24/7 availability, and ad hoc reporting. Flexible dashboards with customizable views to access operational data and agent team performance.
  • Performance Management - Consolidates all of your diverse reporting and data sources, resulting in accurate and consistent single version of the truth. Insight allows agents and supervisors to maximize their time by identifying those who need help in specific allowing for more tailored and effective coaching.: gamification allows for friendly competition and empowerment among the agents, reports operational performance in a timely manner giving you time to make changes that make affect performance, analyzes customer interactions through speech and desktop analytics to assist with trends, customer profiling and upsell opportunities, Data from CRM, ERP, HR, SCM, WFM, WFO is processed in the cloud and then displayed in a user friendly dashboard, less applications to run during the day, faster deployment of updates and lower maintenance cost based on the solution in the cloud.
  • Customer Surveys - Captures the voice of the customer to ensure customer needs and operational efficiencies are being met. Surveys also allow you to measure customers’ data collection, product analysis and referral potential.: Surveys are in an IVR format, hosted application allowing for multiples surveys to be built using our web based survey builder, web-based reporting, reduced hardware footprint due to using our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, flexibility in survey creation in regards to questions and skip logic availability.

It takes a thorough understanding of your unique business drivers to deliver an effective cloud workforce optimization solution. InContact understands this, and will ensure they design a solution to meet your specific business goals. We take into consideration, several factors when building your solution: your existing infrastructure and technology, your performance measurements, your future goals and business drivers, and of course, your budget. The result is an optimal and effective workforce optimization solution built just for you.