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In Dog We Trust

It happens to all of us – you misspell something in a document – and someone points it out to you. Don’t feel bad or get defensive. Fix it, learn a lesson, and if you can raise money for charity at the same time, go for it. The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department commissioned rugs for their headquarters. It took a few days but someone finally noticed a slight problem, In Dog We Trust. New rugs are ordered and this happened:

The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will not “sweep anything under the rug.” Due to extensive interest regarding our plans for the “doggone” rug, you can bid on it here, and we will donate 100% of your bid to a local animal rescue. See the online auction here.

Happened to YDST last week, read: Feint or faint – lesson learned

The bidding ended at nearly $10,000 on Wednesday. I personally see nothing wrong with In Dog We Trust …

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