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#ICMIchat Recap: Should You Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers?

It's fun to hear stories of companies that go above and beyond to satisfy the customer. We've all heard about Joshie the Giraffe, the Lego Sensei Wu, and the Morton's customer experience. These stories restore our faith in humanity and make us smile.  But have these stories caused us to expect more from customer service? How can contact centers delight today's customers, and does delight really matter?

We spent an hour this week discussing the concept of customer delight, and it made for a very engaging and memorable #ICMIchat! Check out the recap below to see what other customer service leaders thing it really takes to provide great customer service. Share your opinion in the comments below! Does delight really matter?

Join us again next week as we chat about effective email support. The conversation starts at 1pm EST. Just follow along and participate by searching #ICMIchat on Twitter.