Find a Need and YOU Fill It

If you see something that needs to be done, do it. Yes, it is that simple to create your own success. See a need, fill it. You start to gain a reputation as a self-starter, a go-to person, a fixer, the expert – all kinds of positive titles. Stop with the “it’s not my job” – someone needs to do it. Take the reins and make it work. And never stop. That sort of reputation stays with you forever if you feed it. Ron Finley did just that – and is feeding Los Angeles one empty lot at a time – watch the video below. Thanks Tucker Williamson for sharing this. What inspiration.

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We saw a need in low-income areas – specifically high school students who need laptops to succeed. Want to help? Here is what we do one laptop (only $149), one student, and one solution at a time.

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