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Change Your World Today

lemonade standIt doesn’t take much to change the world. One small gesture at a time is plenty. Do one thing today to help another or to make someone smile – totally unexpected. A Boston bus driver stopped to buy lemonade from a kid’s lemonade stand for the riders on his bus. Kids were thrilled, passengers thought it was great, and the story has gone around the world. A 50-cent cup of lemonade changed the world for many this week. And, gave many a good story to tell for a long time. Watch the video.

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Do something nice today. Bring donuts in for the office this morning. Put the neighbors trashcans back for them this evening. Give your employees the afternoon off. Help us reward a deserving student trapped in poverty with a laptop. Pay the toll for several cars behind you. Again, it doesn’t take much to change the world.

Your world. So change it.

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