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Call Your Customer Service Line

Mystery Shopper

Experience is the number one source of knowledge. Nothing beats it. Call your own customer service line. Shop undercover at your store. Pretend you are your own customer and try to search something on your website. Take it home as well – spend a night where you put your guests. What’s missing? What doesn’t work? If you were the customer or the guest, what do you need? Is the experience comfortable and/or worth your time?

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The Seabrook Classic Cafe is our go-to local diner and has been for 30 years. Owner Brad Emel inspired today’s tip. He recently spent some time bussing tables when short-staffed – only to learn where waste was happening such as the long-time water glasses were actually so big that a tremendous amount of water was being thrown out. And, guests with smaller hands (me), couldn’t pick up the glass with one hand. Thanks for the new smaller glasses Brad!