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Say Something Nice

Do something positive for a company today. Most customers are only vocal when they complain. Do you have a company or individual you like doing business with? Say something here below AND go to their website, Twitter acct, Facebook page, blog – whatever – and leave a glowing comment! Thanks Steeleworker @coffeemike for this idea. What a great, positive way to end your week and someone else’s.

Here’s mine: Scan Cafe – I had 700+ family photos scanned and was getting worried late last week that I had not received the photos back yet. Apparently I picked the ‘on a slow boat’ selection and that did not include the download offer. Customer service immediately sent me links to download the photos anyway to avert my panic attack. This is the second time I have used this company – and the scans are perfect.

Use your social media or the comments section below – and say something nice today!


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