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Offer the customer free ice cream

What will you do today to make a customer smile and WANT to do business with you? If you want to convince the customer you have something great, give them something great and get their attention. Free shipping, free samples, or how about free ice cream? What a great email to receive late yesterday afternoon while the temps were close to hitting 100 degrees in Houston TX:

Hello Dayna, When the temperature hits 100 and the forecast is more of the same for several days, what’s at the top of our minds here at Salmeron Financial? *ICE CREAM* ! We are kicking off our Ice Cream campaign TODAY for the next two weeks! If you want a scoop delivered to you in person, all you need to do is click here to send us an email. (Or if you prefer, tweet us @SalmeronFin and use the hashtag #RickIWantIceCream). It does not matter where you are located. We’ll do our best to get you some! (Believe us. We’ve done long distance scoop deliveries before.) Here’s to staying cool this summer!

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. The next time I need ice cream or financial services, I will think of Salmeron Financial in Dallas, Texas. This by the way works for relationships as well – what will you do for your significant other to make him or her want to love you today? Huh??

This tip just makes me smile.

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