If you want to sell something, tell a story

Instead of telling someone how great you are, how wonderful your product is, or what your company service is and how it is the best – tell a story. The best sales people paint a picture of how their service or product will change your life, make you money, make you look good or bring you health, happiness, or riches. Friskies Cat Food has done just that – again. The company is out with another great, viral Dear Kitten video. Even if cats are not your thing, it is an entertaining video and tells a story:

We are all in sales, no matter what you do for a living each day. Even the employees at the Texas DMV I visited yesterday are in sales. The employees who were pleasant to be around and helpful were in the job of selling me a good reason a driver’s license is not sufficient ID at a driver’s license office. They almost had me convinced this made sense …

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Go sell something!
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