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Introducing The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center: From Cost Center to Strategic Partner

Contact center executives and managers: If you’re tired of being considered a cost center, consider this. There is a way to become a bona fide revenue contributor and a strategic member of your enterprise leadership team. It all starts with transforming your contact center into a Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center (TM).

What is The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center?

Today, your contact center infrastructure pushes data to your workforce optimization (WFO) system for scheduling and call monitoring. That’s where the connection ends. There’s no systematic process for the WFO to update or inform the core platform. Thus, there’s no automated process to improve future scheduling, adjust call monitoring, prompt opportunistic outbound calls, or create new campaigns. These changes have to be made manually.

The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center changes all of this.

The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center is a contact center with integrated infrastructure and workforce optimization (WFO) systems. This integration means that the WFO system not only receives data from the core contact center system, but also provides data back. And, the core system responds by providing direction on what logical decisions and changes should be made for optimal performance. 

This powerful and integrated two-way communication means the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center is an intelligent, agile entity. As a matter of habit it gathers data from the WFO system, like performance and optimal scheduling information, and responds to changing conditions by adjusting future campaigns and activities. This integration eliminates costly manual interventions and inefficient processes weighing down the contact center. Furthermore, it enables timelier proactive customer service that generates revenue.

From Lost Opportunities to Standout Moments

Because the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center is always learning and responding through automated communications, it is able to convert lost opportunities into standout moments.

Consider the positive results from an integrated system that senses and tracks agent performance with certain channels and customer types. The system reports individual KPIs, QM scores, and eLearning ratings. It then adjusts skilling and prioritized call routing to help optimize performance. The result? Happier agents focused on what they do best instead of trudging uncommitted through tasks. This leads to higher agent engagement and outstanding customer experiences. This leads to standout moments.

Consider the positive results from a system that senses customer frustration through speech analytics and adjusts with proactive, personalized, and corrective service like a timely outbound call. Instead of dissatisfaction festering (we’ve all been there!) or being reported on social media, problems are resolved quickly and efficiently.

What’s more, customers are delighted with a brand that listens and cares. Loyalty is strengthened and additional purchases take place. Costs are reduced since quick problem resolution means fewer future calls and complaints. And, when customers have these kinds of standout moments, they are more likely to tell brand stories to friends and many others via social media, helping bring in new customers.

inContact is leading the way to The Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center. The company has created a new mechanism to extract agent performance metrics from the inContact WFO system and store them in the inContact platform so that the data can be used in reporting and automatic administration of agent skills. With the knowledge of performance and optimal scheduling, the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center can automatically adjust to changing conditions.

Become a Strategic Partner in the Enterprise

With the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center, improved outcomes lead to changed perceptions. The contact center is no longer simply a cost center. Instead, it’s a hub for customer engagement, interaction, and outstanding service – all while delivering cost efficiency and contributing revenue.

For more on how the Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center optimizes contact center performance, download this brief.

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