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DVD, CD, Betamax, Cave Wall--Which do you use?

Ran into a longtime friend at lunch yesterday. She asked for advice on buying a new laptop. Her dilemma? no-disc-driveMany of the new units no longer have a disc drive or Ethernet port. Recently, several publicists have sent me DVDs and CDs. There isn’t a disc drive on any of the computers in our house/home offices anymore. I’m not even sure if there is one in the car, I’ve never used it. Are you sending clients and potential customers your product or sales information on a disc? Start asking how the customer prefers the information or product – before your hard work ends up in a recycler without ever being consumed. *Bonus tip – offer free hi-speed Wi-Fi to clients, employees, and potential customers. You are missing out on a boatload of free marketing.

Sending me something? I prefer Dropbox - click here to try it for free.

Share this tip with the next person who sends you a disc.

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