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Customers Are for Life and Not Just for Christmas

Some shoppers have all their presents wrapped-up come December, other shoppers wait until Christmas Eve to run around like headless turkeys to grab those last minute gifts. Some bargain hunters begin Christmas shopping as early as January, other shoppers take their time weighing up possible gifts for loved ones. Some shoppers splash-out on huge presents to impress, whereas other shoppers purchase smaller, more heartfelt gifts.

Businesses who can tell the difference between these shoppers, online and offline, can adapt their advertising tactics and successfully gain a competitive edge. But the problem with Christmas is that every business sees a marketing opportunity to increase sales and profit margins. Consequently, competition can be tough.

Businesses owners are thrilled by the prospect of sale opportunities that can be acquired over the festive period, however, they're as equally as worried that the competitors offers and discounts will knock them out of business. As a result, a heated cocktail of dismay, fear and excitement consumes management around the globe.

Learn how a little Christmas investment in your marketing can earn the loyalty of your customers and boost sales all year round:

Lesson One: Money Doesn't Grow On Christmas Trees

Many businesses lure customers with stock stacked high at discounted prices. Unknown to these companies this is a bad practice. Unless you're a budget brand you won't be able to flourishingly sustain these prices when normal trading resumes, and customers will dispose of your brand like old Christmas paper.

Unless you can afford this to happen to your business, price isn't the end all and be all to your Christmas sales plan. Firstly you must understand how each type of shopper has their own distinctive  customer behaviour. For example: how a customer picks their products, favourite certain brands and responds to on-site design, will be different from the next customer. You must know who your customers are – online and offline – and see Christmas as the start of a beautiful relationship.

Lesson Two: Good Things Come In Christmas-Wrapped Packages

Many brands are trying to outshout or out-discount their competition. Although a great short-term strategy, your business should focus on spending your marketing budget more wisely. You should begin by focusing on the persona of your average customer and how to enhance their buying experience. 

More people are turning to online stores to handle their weekly shopping. Subsequently, capturing customer data has never been as easy. With the stresses of Christmas more and more businesses forget how valuable this data can be. Theses businesses deliver a whole lot of nothing as they simply forget how market segmentation, website personalisation and tailored customer experiences can positively impact sales.

Lesson Three: Christmas Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Competition can undoubtedly be fearless. If you cannot afford to drop your prices, then fear not, as you cannot buy the love of your customers. Just like any other relationship, the customer relationship requires input from both parties to work. Behind every loyal customer there is a flawless customer experience. If you don't deliver on your brand, then you simply wont earn the trust of them customers.

When the Christmas rush is over don't forget your customers. If things went well for you over the holiday season, then you should have a whole new list of customers. Think about these new customers – put yourself in their shoes – and consider what can they get from your service which will benefit their lives. True loyalty comes when a better experience is present.