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Can't Get No Satisfaction

Did you really say that out loud about your job? From Steeleworker Russ Fortson: I have a lot of friends that complain about their jobs on Facebook. If I’m hiring someone, the first thing I do is Google them. The second thing I do is check their personal Facebook page. If I find a bunch of posts complaining repeatedly about their current or past job (or employer), I’m going to think twice about bringing that person into my organization. Every job has low points. Even rock stars have bad days and tedious tasks they have to take care of every day. Imagine singing the same song every day, every tour, for 50 years. A job is what you make it. Read from yesterday’s news: His 101st birthday present? Another day at work

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Siskin Jonathan — 5:44AM on Oct 1, 2014

I think Official matters should not be included on Social media profile .Personal and Official life must be kept separately .