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A Little Effort Goes a Long Way. Just Do It.

The people who succeed are the ones who take the first step. More often than not, success takes very little effort, something like just one phone call. It’s the ‘just do it’ part most avoid for a variety of reasons – frightened, unorganized, apathetic, self-centered. Yes, there is hard work involved to keep going; to keep succeeding but someone has to take that first step. Nice story this morning from an ABC affiliate on a volunteer at an outreach center. It didn’t take much – she made the call, he found his family.

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If you don’t take the effort, go the extra bit, make the first call – you will never know what might have happened. Tell us a happy success story about a time you made the first effort and what happened in Speak Your Mind below. We love those stories!

Pick up the phone …


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