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What If I Had to Reach You?

Note from Sarah Stealey Reed, ICMI's Content Director:  Today's post from Dayna refers back to the events that occurred in Boston this past week. It is not uncommon that in times of trial, we take a moment and reflect on what we have and what can be lost. The communication plan she references is important in both a personal and a professional sense. Every person, every business, and every contact center should have a contingency plan in place, in case of an emergency.  Use this event as a reminder to update your communication plan for your employees and your customers. While you are at it, make one for your friends and family as well.

What If I Had to Reach You?

The events of the past week bring up the question: During an emergency or disaster, do you have a plan to communicate with your employees, friends, and family? Phone service is down, mobile towers are blocked, and you may or may not have Internet access. What will you do? Where will you meet? How will you leave messages to let someone know you are okay? Does everyone know the plan? Living in the path of hurricanes, we have one, but after this week, I know it needs to be better. Make a plan. Today.

Stay safe,

Check out this video, (click on the image), from a recent Boston Bruins game to hear from fellow proud citizens. Watch the crowd join in as our national anthem begins. And, to the YDST fans outside of the United States, thank you for your show of support as well. We appreciate it.


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