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Use Big Data to Deliver a Smart Customer Experience

This post originally appeared on the Dialogue Marketing blog .

Big data is made up of both structured and unstructured data. Structured data refers to information with a high degree of organization that is easily searchable and straightforward. Unstructured data is information that is not easily organized or searchable, such as text, voice, photo and video.

Interactions between customer service teams and consumers are usually in the form of unstructured data. Analyzing phone calls, social media posts, chat logs, emails, video chats, online reviews and photos back to the rest of the organization has become a challenge.

Ways to Use Big Data to Deliver a “Smart” Customer Experience

Smartphones have made our lives easier, more connected and in real-time. Customer expectations have changed drastically because of the convenience smartphones offer. Consumers are starting to lose tolerance with customer service when it comes to interactions that are not “smart”. “Smart” customer care interactions are ones that use predictive analytics technology and big data to ultimately deliver a better customer experience in real time. Big data and analytics can be used to deliver a “smart” customer experience.

Provide Anticipatory Customer Service

No longer does customer service need to be reactionary. Contact centers can leverage predictive analytics to provide anticipatory customer service and give their customers a WOW experience.

Leverage Conversion-Based Routing

Conversion-based routing utilizes predictive models to ensure leads are being prioritized and routed to the best agent, at the right time, using the best channel and present the right message.

Predictive Analytics to Engage in the Right Social Conversation

With over 250 million blogs, sorting through the social conversations to determine if posts are actionable, irrelevant or spam can be an overwhelming experience. Predictive analytics can be used to sort incoming posts and determine which warrant a response.

Use Predictive Engagement on Your Website and Optimized Mobile Site

Provide customers with personalized web content with predictive engagement technology. Previous purchases and interactions are used to predict the best content to display that visitor.

Offer a Smartphone “White Glove” Concierge Service

Companies are turning to mobile apps to provide their customers with another option to reach customer service representatives. Mobile apps provide a great alternative to reach customer service for the on-the-go society.

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