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The 3 Rock Star Principles for Customer Service Success

Quick: Name three rock stars that you truly admire. I’m sure if you thought long enough, you could come up with five, 10, maybe even 15.

Now name three rock stars in your contact center. How about five or 10? Was that as easy as the first challenge? Hopefully, the answer is yes!

Define Rock Star

What does the term "rock star" mean to you? In our society, a rock star is someone celebrated and admired by thousands of people for his or her talents and accomplishments.

As customer service professionals, you and your team are the true rock stars of your organization, so much more than a mascot or logo. Think about it: The service you provide is a direct connection between the organization and its customers. You are the voice of the brand! When a customer calls, tweets, chats or emails your organization for service, it's you who provides the answers. That’s why it is so important to create and maintain a culture within your center that not only encourages your team’s inner rock stars, but celebrates them as well.

Dayna Steele, founder of YourDailySuccessTip.com, author of the 101 Ways to Rock Your World book series, and seasoned rock radio DJ, defines a rock star as someone who’s at the top of his or her field; whether that field is music, business, or - you guessed it - customer service. With her experience and accolades, Dayna knows a thing or two about rock stars… and what it takes to build a rock star team.

3 Rock Star Principles of Success

In ICMI’s From One Rock Star to Another: How to Build and Be a Rockin’ Customer Service Team webinar, Dayna introduces the following 3 Rock Star principles and shares how to use them to inspire and motivate our customer service teams.

1. PASSION: The reward for embracing challenges
2. KNOWLEDGE: Winning over the most difficult of customers
3. APPRECIATION: How not to hate the hardest questions

(Be sure to check out the webinar archive to hear Dayna's 'live' presentation of these Principles, including her fun and entertaining rock 'n roll anecdotes and team-building tips.)

Rock Stars in Action

If you were hoping to have a brush with Customer Service Rock Stardom today, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we’ve been flaunting some of our favorite CSRs throughout the month of January.

Our "headline" acts for this month are three of ICMI's 2012 Spirit of Service Awards winners. Each of these ICMI Rock Stars has provided evidence that they are living and breathing all 3 of Dayna’s Principles in their daily customer – and colleague - interactions. Take a look through the fantastic videos, photos and blogs they submitted and see how many of the Rock Star Principles you find along the way!

  • 2012 Manager of the Year, Alberto Garcia and the Customer Love Team at BuildASign.com. Customer. Love. Team. Do I really need to say more?
  • 2012 Business Leader of the Year Cynthia Smith and her team at the TOPS division of Zions Bancorporation show us why they are truly "Powered by People"

We also recognized all 11 Spirit of Service Awards finalists during the Customer Service Week webinar. You can meet all of the finalists on our blog and use their spirit and drive to inspire you and your team for everyday Rock Stardom.

We want to hear and see more from our community members throughout the rest of the year. Of all the teams we’ve covered this month, who has inspired you the most? Have one of Dayna's Principles really resonated with you? 

Please share your experiences! Comment here, on our Facebook page or Tweet us @CallCenterICMI with the hashtag #ICMIRockStar.

Oh - remember when I asked how many Rock Stars from your contact center you could name? If you haven’t already, consider nominating one, or all of them for ICMI’s 2013 Global Call Center Awards. (Submissions close February 15 at 11:59 pm EST, so hurry!) And, you’ll also have the opportunity to see Dayna again at our first annual Global Awards Dinner at ACCE 2013.

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.