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Actionable Results – Immediately (Roche Diagnostics)

Roche Diagnostics, a leader in research-focused healthcare, manufactures and markets the ACCU-CHEK line of diabetes care products. Casey Puccinelli, Manager of ACCU-CHEK Consumer Services, shared his experience attaining ICMI Professional Certification.

“At the time I decided to certify, I was a seasoned contact center professional looking to differentiate my own career,” Puccinelli explained. “The challenges I had were around the technical side of contact center management, especially in the areas of CRM and workforce management,” he said. “The coursework addressed my gaps in knowledge and brought fresh perspective to the competencies I already had mastered. It benefited not only my knowledge and career, but it influenced my decision-making and ultimately the bottom line of our contact center.”

Initially, Puccinelli was reluctant to enroll in the program. “I was aware of the ICMI Certification and what it could do for my career and contact center, but I continued to put it off because of the concern of time constraints with my schedule,” he said. “Of course, once I began the coursework and testing, I found that it worked well into my week,” he noted. “My contact center was in the middle of launching a new product, so if I could do it with all that going on, it should be achievable for others. ICMI was flexible and accommodating by making the time to complete all work loose enough for these unavoidable business events, without allowing me to get off track.”

Puccinelli also appreciated the program’s collaborative learning environment. “At the time of my certification, I had a real challenge of managing a small-size queue within the context of an organization that mainly managed medium to large service groups,” he said. “I was able to take the materials and the input from my classmates to make changes that ultimately enabled me to better serve my internal and external customers. Each section of the coursework and the interactions with other professionals brought about thought provoking ideas.”

As Puccinelli soon discovered, this dynamic wasn’t confined to the classroom setting. “I would use the material and project work in a way that was integrated into my daily speech and activities,” he explained. “So without being the certified ‘know-it-all,’ I was able to transfer the knowledge I had to my co-workers in a way that benefited them and promoted certification without being overbearing,” he added. “The rest of the team appreciated the creativity and resolution to problems we were having in our contact center. I saw actionable results immediately.”

Puccinelli stressed that ICMI Professional Certification isn’t merely for novices. “I started my certification as a contact center professional with many years of experience, but I came away feeling more accomplished in my knowledge and abilities,” he said. “It’s worth the effort and a great way to accelerate your contact center leadership’s knowledge and abilities when compared to just experience alone. I would definitely categorize my pre-certification assumptions and my post-certification realities as far apart.”

ICMI Professional Certification – the industry standard for professional excellence in contact center management – is available through ICMI, the leading global provider of comprehensive resources for customer management professionals for more than 25 years.

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