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Conquering the Chaos through ICMI Professional Certification (Principal PNB Asset Management)

When Manish Verma, Head of Human Resources at Principal PNB Asset Management, was faced with problems in his organization’s call center, his research pointed him squarely in the direction of ICMI.

“We had a huge service issue with respect to the call center,” said Manish Verma, Head of Human Resources at Principal PNB Asset Management. “This was caused by a lack of proper infrastructure, poor coordination between the call center and an external vendor, and huge call volumes with a 90% drop ratio,” he explained.

The goal of Verma’s center was to “couquer the chaos,” and address the situation in a process-oriented manner, taking into consideration the huge service issue that it created for the organization, as well as the potential exodus of customers.

With this in mind, “ICMI Professional Certification was the only option that I considered,” Verma shared. “My research on the Web provided me a fairly good understanding of the curriculum, and I realized that it covered all of the academic and practical experience that I required to address my challenges.”
Upon enrolling, Verma noticed immediate benefits of the training he received.

 “I witnessed the changes after completing the first quarter of my first module,” Verma said. “I was simultaneously working on changing the processes with respect to service proposition, its alignment with business requirements, and the call center management,” he added. “Since completing my certification, the call center has seen an increase in service standards, an improved call drop ratio, better turnaround time, and a reduction of stress among the staff. The team was very positive, as they were suffering the brunt of the customer complaints and appreciated the changes that streamlined the process.”

 “ICMI is more than just a call center certification,” Verma said. “It’s a great journey for somebody who wants to become a good manager, as it addresses issues in a manner that is relevant to all aspects of the business at a broader level.”

ICMI Professional Certification – the industry standard for professional excellence in contact center management – is available through ICMI, the leading global provider of comprehensive resources for customer management professionals for more than 25 years.

To learn how ICMI Professional Certification can provide the same benefits to your organization’s contact center, visit
www.icmi.com/icmicertification and request information today at www.icmi.com/Certification/Request-Information , or contact Todd Piccuillo at [email protected] or 203-242-6632.