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I'm Waiting for Them to Call Me Back

Note from Sarah Stealey Reed, ICMI's Content Director: I selected this post from Dayna today, as the messaging is just as appropriate for a contact center, as it is for any sales organization. If a customer requests or requires a callback on a inquiry or issue, please make sure you remember to follow-up. Make a note, use a Post-It, or log it into your CRM; just make sure you actually respond back. And workforce managers, it is your responsibility to make sure agents have the ability to do so. Build it into their schedules or allow them to request callback times. The customer is counting on you.

Follow up on customer quotes, usually within a week or quicker if the quote is time sensitive. Don’t be the vendor that says, “Well, I haven’t heard back from my client yet.” Have you followed up with them? Sometimes a quick reminder call or email will make the difference in whether you get the business or not. Don’t just put the fishing line in the water and wait for a bite. Do something to reel the customer and their business in to you.

Love it when YDST fans do my job for me – thanks Kati Phelps from AB Emblems for this one!


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