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iCare about Rewards and Recognition

Start with seven busy call centers in four time zones responding to the needs of patients and health care professionals in fifty states. Add intricate healthcare regulations, patient care and privacy, and complicated cases that require multifaceted solutions. The complexity can make anyone want to seek medical attention.

Engaged associates are an integral part of CareCentrix’s leading position in providing home health benefits management. Building a strong culture of excellence positions the business to thrive in the evolving healthcare marketplace.

Recent technological and organizational changes had transformed the call center’s fundamental environment. As CareCentrix approached a period of expected growth – and more change – questions about recruiting and retention became frequent water cooler conversation.

Leaders started asking questions. How are we going to attract new talent? Involve our key associates? Keep our best performers? Maintain high standards of patient care while the company continues to grow?

CareCentrix realized that the organization needed to grow its culture of engagement in order to continue its success.

Leaders in the company collaborated to create a cultural initiative called iCare. The program emphasizes accountability of the individual (i) and excellent patient care. The backbone of iCare is a web-based platform that leaders and associates use to recognize others for great work. A Facebook-style news feed posts recognitions company-wide in real time.

The iThankYou recognitions are free and unlimited. They can be awarded peer to peer, associate to leader or leader to associate. iThankYous are frequent and encouraging. They appear on the iCare website alongside the profile pictures of the recognizer and recognized. Those who view the news feed can "Like" or comment on recognitions. Associates receive the additional reinforcement from peers who echo and expand on the sentiments of the original acknowledgement.

Leaders utilize iRecognize to award points to associates, along with a meaningful recognition. iRecognize points are reserved for associate actions that uphold CareCentrix core values:

  • Consistency & Culture of Service
  • Accountability & Attitude
  • Respect
  • Engagement & Empowerment

Associates redeem points for gift cards, merchandise, travel and entertainment. The iRecognize points create a powerful relationship between the reward and the value of actions that uphold the company’s core values.

System recognitions generate automatically to recognize associate birthdays and service anniversaries as well. These news feed events generate lots of buzz – especially when associates find out about the boss’s birthday and surprise him or her by "remembering."

The iCare web platform launched company-wide during Customer Service Week. Within the first month, 80% of CareCentrix associates activated their iCare accounts. Meaningful, specific recognitions started the first day. Three months later, the news feed continues to boast a new recognition every fifteen minutes, on average.

An important facet of iCare is the Bright Ideas program. Associates can submit ideas about how to improve the business. Senior leaders review and evaluate the suggestions. CareCentrix implements the most outstanding ideas and rewards the contributing associates with iRecognize points.

Employee referrals have shifted into the iCare program. Associates receive points for referring candidates who become successful associates with CareCentrix.

Associates in different offices now have more opportunity to connect and collaborate as they get to know each other through profile pictures and recognitions. iCare refocuses the spotlight on accomplishments that drive the business.

iCare is more than just a website – iCare represents a branded culture for CareCentrix. The changing needs of patients and the healthcare marketplace require nimbleness to adapt and flourish. Environmental transformations, whether organizational, technological, or both, are best weathered by an engaged workforce. The iCare culture engages associates with intrinsic rewards that create value and afford sustainable growth. © 2013 CareCentrix

Cortney Burnos is Workforce Management Director for CareCentrix.