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How to Get a 100% Quality Score Every Time: Part 2

Feeling discouraged by low quality scores?

Last week we talked about some of the contributing factors outside of your control, now let’s think about what you can also do to help yourself achieve higher call quality scores.

Feeling burned out or bored by your job?

Working in a contact center can be repetitive! Having to say the same things 200 times a day is a huge challenge.  By now in your career I’m sure you’ve been trained in all the customer service oldies but goodies:

  • smile when you dial
  • treat every call like it’s the first
  • you might have said it 100 times today but it is the first time this customer is hearing it

If you haven’t, then you deserve some training!  But if you know all the basics and they aren’t helping you anymore then its time to take stock.  Sadly I see lots of agents burned out after 18-24 months in the job.  It’s why contact centers have the highest churn rates of any industry.  If you are going to make it in this game you are going to have to tap into your own unending fountain of personal motivation. Have a photograph of the reasons why you come to work on your desk (that holiday, your kids, your lovely home).  Remind yourself that you always have a choice, you are not trapped, and you can chose to do something else if it is making you miserable. 

Frustrated with the customer on the call?

Some customers are frustrated when they call you.  Some customers are being rude.  Some customers know very little about what you are discussing. This can be exhausting and frustrating for you.   But notice my language; they are ‘being’ rude, they know very little about what you are discussing.  This does not mean they are rude, nasty people.  This does not mean they are dumb.  Just for the time of this call they are morphing into these negative behaviors because of other circumstances.  Often circumstances created by your organization.  Often not your fault, and very often beyond your control.  But you still have the power to make it better or worse.  By staying calm and in control of your own emotions, and coming from a ‘proactive service attitude’ i.e. always seeking to make things better for the customer, you can help them.  Even if it is only demonstrating empathy and seeing what you can do (even if you know it is fruitless).  The customer needs to feel a) that you understand and b) that you have tried.  Finally, never underestimate the power of an apology.  I know you might feel like at times that you shouldn’t need to apologize when it’s not your fault, so you can use phrases like: ‘I’m sorry this has happened to you’;  ‘I’m sorry you had to experience that’; ‘I’m sorry for your wait, thank you for being patient.’ 

By thanking customers for being patient you are giving them a fine reputation to live up to! 

Lacking self-awareness or self-control?

Are you aware how you come across to others? Warts and all? Face up to your fears. Ask people for feedback. Be open to the possibilities of what your coach is saying.  If you messed up, it’s time to grow up and own it.  When you feel yourself losing self-control use some of these simple strategies.


Ask the customer if you can place them on hold for a moment. 


Replace each negative thought with 3 positive ones. 

Re-wire your path of negativity, that downward self destruction spiral into a new direction. 

Look at the photo on your desk that makes you happy.

Smile and kid your brain into releasing some serotonin. 

Take back your self-control.  (If you miss this opportunity recognize it for next time)

Show your strength by admitting you are not perfect and apologize if you got it wrong. 

Forgive yourself and focus on being better tomorrow.  The only thing that is bad about making a mistake is repeating it.


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Carolyn Blunt is a renowned trainer, business owner and writer. Her business, Real Results Training, specialises in soft skills training, particularly contact center training, customer service, communication skills and leadership. Real Results Training is an approved center for Institute of Leadership & Management qualifications. Carolyn Blunt has been voted Most Respected Person in the UK Contact Center Industry 2012 by readers of Call Centre Helper Magazine. Carolyn has recently written the new book titled ‘How to Deliver Effective Social Customer Service’ to be published by Wiley in September 2013.