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Creative Ways to Improve Agent Engagement

Anyone who works in a contact center knows about the challenge of agent engagement. Agents can quickly become disengaged with such a heavy focus on scorecards and performance. In addition, difficulty getting approved for time off can be discouraging. And, of course, answering phone calls all day can be a monotonous task. What can we do to keep our agents fully engaged?

Navy Federal's Reporting and Analysis Branch recently developed a system called Agent Service Record. The Agent Service Record (or ASR) provides agents with a virtual "badge" when they reach certain milestones or accomplishments. Agents can receive a badge for a wide variety of reasons. There is a badge for agents just starting out in the contact center taking their first phone call. There are also accomplishment focused badges for achievements like opening certain types of accounts like our Active Duty Checking or volunteering to work a holiday. You can also have fun and unique badges for things like answering a call from all 50 states during your tenure. Badge options can be customized to your unique contact center environment and can be as creative as you want!

The ASR was found to be very popular among Gen Y agents who are quickly becoming the majority in most contact centers. The badges are similar to achievement badges/trophies that are awarded in most modern video games. The idea behind this concept for video games is simple - keep gamers interested by rewarding accomplishments on the road to completion and provide "re-play" value. It extends a game's life because now the gamer wants to find all of the badges and trophies. This is a great parallel for the contact center! Agents will talk with each other about the different badges they receive, keeping them excited and motivated at work. There is more to video games than just completing the game; now there is more to work than just completing the work week!

With so much focus on the negatives of working in a contact center, the ASR is a fun and positive way to keep employees engaged and excited at work. This program provides the opportunity for recognition on each and every contact, turning monotonous activities and transactions into stimulating opportunities for achievement!