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Aqua America: Working Together for Amazing Results

We couldn't let our month-long tribute to Culture & Morale go by without checking in with our Customer Service Week sweepstakes winners, Aqua America.

During CSW 2012, ICMI asked our community to tell us why their customer service team deserved to be recognized. We received dozens of heartfelt, inspiring and entertaining entries. But in the end, the Customer Operations team at Aqua America were deemed the winners, and were treated to a party, courtesy of ICMI.

Here is the entry that Suzanne Gildea, Manager - Eastern Call Center & CSR Quality, submitted:

"Aqua Customer Operations endured much change in the past year. From reorganization to changes in supervisors and managers to CIS upgrade, this group has shown tremendous resilience throughout this year. Each year we plan a blowout week for the first week of October, but this year I feel that Aqua Customer Operations deserves more than we can afford. Their ability to embrace change and provide outstanding customer service internally and externally are just a few of the reasons as to why the Aqua Customer Operations team deserves this special recognition."

In this exclusive video, we travel through Aqua's three customer service centers across the U.S. to meet their Energetic, Fun, Passionate and Innovative team!

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.