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Alphabet Soup: Introduction

Alphabet Soup – Sorting through the many "letters" of the contact center.

If you work in any organization, you probably already have a set of acronyms associated with your specific industry and/or company. If you also happen to work in a contact center, you probably discovered there is another set of terms that are completely unique to this environment as well. Acronyms, unique terms and metrics can all add another level of complexity to our day-to-day operations as well as to our ability to effectively communicate with others in our respective organizations. So whether you are a newcomer to the contact center or a seasoned professional, this series will be to help you and your teams, peers, executives and business partners to "speak the same language." In this series, we will explore some commonly used contact center acronyms and key terms and we will also define what they stand for as well as discuss key practices, pitfalls and opportunities associated with the process/area that acronym stands for. Having a clear understanding of this specialized language will give you a strong foundation for effective communication and can improve the ability to achieve your desired results.

And as always, we’ll want to hear from you, if/when you try/use any of the information shared, along with the results and any tips you have to add!

Thank you in advance for sharing!

Rose Polchin | Senior Consultant, ICMI

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