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The Road to Better Contact Center Management (AAA Oregon/Idaho)


Founded in 1905 – not long after the first “horseless carriages” appeared – AAA Oregon/ Idaho serves nearly three-quarters of a million members.  AAA Oregon/Idaho was among the first organizations to participate in the ICMI Professional Certification program.

Why ICMI Professional Certification? “ICMI offered development opportunities that addressed contact center industry-specific knowledge, as well as leadership and management skills in more general terms,” said Pete Herstedt, VP of Automotive Services for AAA Oregon/Idaho. “I felt then, and feel now, that there is a strong need for rigorous, professional education and development in the call center leadership field,” he said. “ICMI Professional Certification helps meet this need.”

Noting that “the quality of the materials was excellent,” Herstedt stressed that the training accommodates even the most hectic schedules. “ICMI offers a self-study, proceed-at-your-own-pace process that provides flexibility for busy professionals,” he said.

And ICMI Professional Certification isn’t merely convenient; it’s also highly effective. “I began seeing actionable results during the training process almost immediately,” Herstedt said. “Each area of study provided many valuable, practical ideas that can be applied to everyday leadership and management.” He continued, “The self-assessment helped me identify opportunities to improve my effectiveness within my organization, while the training itself strengthened my knowledge of call center industry management and leadership best practices. I became more adept at developing long-term strategy and implementing and managing operational plans.”

Soon after, the entire leadership team began to benefit. “They responded by developing a greater awareness of fundamental call center management and leadership practices, and an appreciation for the unique challenges and opportunities presented by the call center environment,” said Herstedt. “They learned new techniques for achieving superior results.”

Is investing in ICMI Professional Certification a good decision for ANY contact center? Herstedt thinks so. “Demonstrate your dedication to excellence and professional development by committing to a superior, industry-specific certification process,” he said. “You’ll become well acquainted with call center leadership practices while becoming a better leader. The time is well spent.”

ICMI Professional Certification – the industry standard for professional excellence in contact center management – is available through ICMI, the leading global provider of comprehensive resources for customer management professionals for more than 25 years.

To learn how ICMI Professional Certification can provide the same benefits to your organization’s contact center, visit www.icmi.com/icmicertification and request information today at www.icmi.com/Certification/Request-Information , or contact Todd Piccuillo at [email protected] or 203-242-6632.


David Levy is a freelance writer for ICMI.