Why Do Agents Leave?

Agent attrition has long been a topic of concern for contact center management. Whether they trickle away or leave in droves, we're left wondering: Why? ICMI recently surveyed more than 400 contact center professionals to find out the top drivers of attrition. 

To find out more of what ICMI uncovered, purchase the 2012 report, or download the complimentary whitepaper, Driving Agent Attrition: The Affect of Salary, Attrition Goals and Satisfaction on Turnover.Agent Attrition - Why Do Agents Leave?

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Rachel Miller — 3:26PM on Jul 24, 2012

Love this infographic! Investing in employees futures will secure the long term success of a company. Product and service knowledge, communication skills training, and employee coaching will keep employees engaged, focused and most importantly will reduce employee turnover.

Rachel Miller

Simon Bell — 1:02AM on Jul 26, 2012

Agents leave when their level of stress outweighs their rewards. But what is much less appreciated is that when agents have a greater understanding of how they sound when speaking to customers and colleagues, their stress is greatly reduced and their rewards increase. Few people recognise that all conversations go through four phases: 1. Recognition – where you get recognised as someone worth talking to by matching the voice sound. 2. Engagement – where you say things so you can understand the customer’s real point of view, while mirroring their sound. 3. Rapport –asking the right questions while mixing their sound and 4. Collaboration – this is where you can ask for what you want while crossing their transaction. Keeping your agents is a matter of stress management - and managing the stress during a call is fundamental to this.

Christina D'Airo — 12:25PM on Jul 26, 2012

Thanks so much for your comments, Rachel and Simon! Great thoughts on how to keep agents engaged.

Trish Voskovitch — 12:50PM on Aug 10, 2012

Your call center agents have a direct impact on the customer experience, which in turn directly impacts your bottom line! You want to have well-educated, well-trained and excited people in your contact center because they are responsible for upholding your brand's reputation and customer expectations. It is worth the work to make them want to stay!