What rate of agent turnover do you experience in the contact center annually?

How quickly are agents turning over in your contact center? In November 2011, ICMI asked about your center's annual turnover rate and the results were surprisingly even-keeled. "Low" came out on top, with 33% percent of the total votes. However, "High" and "Moderate" are right on its tail, with 31% each, followed by "Other" at 4%.

Where does your contact center fall in these results? What would you consider as "High," "Moderate" or "Low" turnover rates? Voting here is closed, but you can share with us in the comments - or take a few extra minutes to participate in ICMI's Agent Turnover, Retention and Productivity survey. By taking a few minutes to submit your answers, you will be helping ICMI to uncover actionable data and reveal key trends that will help call center managers, directors and executives make critical decisions, implement new processes and update old ones to ensure that agents have a long and productive career in the call center.

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Mireille De Bruycker — 11:13AM on Mar 15, 2012

Begs the questions, How high is high and how low is low?

Bernard Tsang — 9:39PM on Apr 9, 2012

I find the typical annualized agent turnover is between 20 - 30%. However, it depends on the unemployment rate, location/country and industry specific. I consider 50% is high.