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Voices of Customer Service Pride

For a sweepstakes during Customer Service Week, we asked "Why does your team deserve a party from ICMI during Customer Service Week?" The responses we got were funny, poignant, and inspiring. The voices that spoke were a true reflection of the pride and commitment call center professionals keep with each other and the customers they serve. Below are just a few of the dozens of entries we received.

"My entire team pulls together every day to assist and support each other. My team has an extraordinary ability to wear multiple hats each day without missing a beat. They handle all call types including calls from suicidal patients and hospice calls to issues with vending machines and window sales appointment setting. Not only do they support each other at work, they do so outside of work as well. During their coworker's recent illness, they pulled together to make meals, create fund raisers, and do her housework.This is an amazing group of people who deserve this token of gratitude!"

- Andrea Smith, Customer Elation

"In 2012, our support team went through an acquisition, a change in direction, and the adoption of a new product.  The acquisition forced everyone to consider what would happen if the call center were disbanded.  After letting out a giant sigh of relief, the team was asked to enforce policy on people who abuse the system, which typically results in angry customers.  They were then given a week of training, and were asked to support a brand new product in addition to everything else.  They now do absolutely everything and they still do a fantastic job! They NEED to party!"

- Brooks Webb, iContact

"We deserve a party
Because we are so good
Serving all our clients
Just as we should

Our callers may be anxious
Fearful or mean
We have pledged to help them
Sight unseen

We will be friendly
When we take your call
For we know without you
There'd be no work at all

We’ve made serving others
Our life’s work
Give us a call
We won’t be a jerk.

So let us celebrate
The service we provide
Customer Service Week!
We do our work with pride."

- Debra Gaebelein, Magellen Health

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