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Expert's Angle: Evaluate Your Contact Center’s Processes with Screen Recording

Contact Center Processes and Workflows

Voice recording and monitoring fails to evaluate how agents use the infrastructure of the contact center or how they follow suggested or required corporate workflows. Determining the answers to these questions provides information about the effectiveness of contact center processes and their indirect impact on the quality of customer interactions.

Exposure of training capabilities.While hearing the conversation will certainly identify a lack of product knowledge or poor language skills, screen recording also exposes indirect problems in servicing the customer. Especially with hotlines or extensive customer counseling, an agent must utilize various tools to increase his knowledge such as systems to provide guidance, background information and support.

In today's competitive environment, first-call resolution (FCR), the ability to resolve a customer’s problem during the initial interaction, is becoming more and more important to ensure customer satisfaction. If the agent displays an inability to efficiently use the tools at his disposal, he will fail to resolve the situation and satisfy the customer.

Monitoring of system performance and exposure of system inconsistencies.Almost half the time, a decrease of customer satisfaction can be traced back to an inability to provide the customer with the right information in a reasonable timeframe. However, inadequate agent training, either for the product or the system, may represent only part of the problem. In many cases, an increase in response time is caused by inconsistency in the systems themselves, resulting in a less efficient workflow. These problems can easily be exposed by using screen recording, especially in large contact centers where they are repeated several thousand times a day. With this kind of volume, enhancing the efficiency of processes and workflow can easily result in immense savings.

Speech and Screen Analytics. Expansion of voice recording to screen activities is the first step towards a more sophisticated solution. For contact centers with a high volume of communications, the need to monitor both conversational and screen activities can quickly become overwhelming. Contact center management should then consider a solution with capabilities such as speech and screen analytics to automatically look for certain keywords or enable flexible searching based on changing requirements.

But as a first step, screen recording provides an ideal tool for contact center operators and managers to add a reinforcing and new source of information to evaluate customer interactions. Eventually, they can introduce analytics to automatically track desktop skills and agent productivity, but most importantly process adherence and efficiency.

Marco Mueller is the Executive Vice President, ASC telecom AG.