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ICMI's Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest #5

UPDATE: The winning caption for February is: "When I told you I wanted the phone answered "within one ring" this isn’t what I meant!" submitted by Daniel Bromley of Webfusion. Congratulations, Daniel!

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Welcome to ICMI's monthly Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest. During the first week of each month we will be publishing a brand new cartoon here on our blog for you to caption - and possibly win a prize!

So, are you inspired to give it a try?

Here's how the contest works:

Look at the posted cartoon. Think of a funny caption (that you wouldn’t mind sharing with your Grandmother) and post it here in the comments.

It's as simple as that!

Be sure to take a look at the official rules before you enter.

February's contest is now closed, but we have a brand new cartoon for March!

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.

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Dale Stout — 9:27PM on Jan 31, 2012

I always wanted a ringside seat.

Dale Stout — 9:28PM on Jan 31, 2012

Our new furniture is a real knockout.

Dale Stout — 9:30PM on Jan 31, 2012

Now they're hitting below the belt.

Dale Stout — 9:31PM on Jan 31, 2012

We're off to a Rocky start.

Dale Stout — 9:33PM on Jan 31, 2012

It's the new tag team concept.

Robert Rhoades — 6:12PM on Feb 1, 2012

We thought why not give the visual of a boxing ring since they go toe-to-toe with the clients each day.

kirsten hansen — 11:23AM on Feb 2, 2012

"They say this desk was designed for a supervisor who really fights for their staff."

kirsten hansen — 11:24AM on Feb 2, 2012

"...and you don't wanna mess with this one."

Daniel Bromley — 12:40PM on Feb 2, 2012

When i told you i wanted the phone answered "within one ring" this isnt what i meant !!

Daniel Bromley — 1:31PM on Feb 2, 2012

I am positive this is what ICMI meant when they recommended buying "Heavyweight" furniture for the future!

andrew styles — 2:21AM on Feb 3, 2012

when i said wrestle the customers into submission, i didn't mean it like that

Ian Ford — 2:51AM on Feb 8, 2012

We let him go because his ring tone was too distracting!

Penny Underwood — 3:45PM on Feb 16, 2012

It comes with a helmet headset and dial friendly boxing gloves.