ICMI’s Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest: November 2012

It's Thanksgiving in the Call Center! Well, almost. With the U.S. holiday only a week away, the folks in our cartoon center here have been working overtime.

Here's your chance to show us your stuff(ing) and submit your captions for this month's cartoon! (Be sure to review the official rules before you enter.)

ICMI is also quite pleased to announce that our cartoon caption champion for September is ...

Cortney Jonas Burnos of CareCentrix

Congrats, Cortney! And thank you for participating!

* * * * *

Will you be our next winner? ICMI's judges have narrowed down the October entries to our top 3 favorites, and we need your votes to help us select the winner. Here are the finalists:

1. Linus to customer: No, the Great Pumpkin is not for sale. You can not make a Jack-o-latern out of the great pumpkin.
2. Keep up the good work. No one else has a ghost of a chance!
3. I thought my last center was full of characters.

You can cast your vote for October by entering the finalist's number here in the comments, tweet it to me at @chammarb or shoot me an email Finalist voting will close on November 30, so cast your votes early!

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.

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Jackie Beck — 12:09PM on Nov 14, 2012

My Caption for the November Cartoon: "We better make performance goals this month or all of our necks are on the line."

Penny Underwood — 11:30AM on Nov 15, 2012

Might I suggest a nice prime rib?

Rich Auerbach — 12:24PM on Nov 15, 2012

November Cartoon Caption -

"I told him to Google it, not Gobble it!"

Christa Vandarwarka — 4:22PM on Nov 19, 2012

When you were hired by the temp agency for holiday help, did anyone tell you you'd be working for Butterball?

Penny Underwood — 11:28AM on Nov 26, 2012

That last caller really cooked my goose!