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ICMI’s Call Center Cartoon Caption Contest: September 2012

UPDATE: The winning caption for our August cartoon is: "Please hold for the next available urchin." submitted by Dale Stout. Congratulations, Dale!

* * * * *

Welcome back, CCCCC enthusiasts. I hope your summer vacations left your refreshed - and inspired! First things, first of course...

ICMI is pleased to announce that the winner of our July contest is ...

Kelly Martyn of CNH Capital.

Way to go, Kelly!

Who'll be next? We need your votes to help select the winner for August’s cartoon. Now, it looks like many of you were on vacation last month because we only had three entries. So, they automatically become the finalists. Take a look and send me your votes:

1. Please hold for the next available urchin.
2. Please hold while you listen to the tunes of Oceanaire.
3. I love working from "home."

And FINALLY, don't miss your chance at CCCCC stardom! Post your cleverest, coolest (PG-rated!) caption here in the comments for this month's cartoon. (Be sure to review the official rules before you enter.)

Submissions for this month are now closed. Please see our new October cartoon to submit your caption!

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.