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Behind the Scenes at NOVO 1

The pre-conference contact center site tours (which took place throughout the day on Tuesday, Oct. 9) were a major highlight of this year's Call Center Demo & Conference. I was fortunate to accompany one of our largest tour groups through a "behind the scenes" look at the NOVO 1 contact center at their headquarter location in Fort Worth, Texas.

NOVO 1 specializes in providing an integrated, multi-channel customer contact solution that includes inbound and outbound teleservices, interactive voice response (IVR), voice analytics, and web-based services in a multilingual environment.

The company operates in five locations (all based in the U.S.) and currently has 1,400 seats and 2,100 full-time employees – and they’re continuing to grow. 

Our hosts for the afternoon included Mary Murcott, Chief Executive Officer, Eric Rothert, Chief Operations Officer, Jack Wilke, Chief Marketing Officer, Mitchell Swindell, Chief Technology Officer and Rosemary Bennett, Senior Vice President Sales – as well as the entire NOVO 1 on-site team!

A Brilliant Customer Experience

NOVO 1's mission statement: To power way cool people to create a brilliant customer experience

NOVO 1 touts itself as being customer-obsessed. In fact, one of the first team members our group encountered on our tour was Laura Adams - NOVO 1's customer doll.

Laura and her furry companion are not just for show. They are there as a reminder to the team that the customer is always at the center of every conversation. This living-room area is located in middle of the contact center floor, and where the team holds their interviews, coaching sessions and other meetings.

The NOVO 1 headquarters is a lively and colorful place to work. The company even celebrated their new partnership with Bloom Health by painting a portion of the contact center in the company’s colors!

The Culture

Culture is extremely important at NOVO 1. The team believes that a great customer experience truly begins within its corporate culture - a "Culture of Service."

The company embraces six Culture-Defining Values:

1. Employees First
2. Customer Obsessed
3.Do the Right Thing
4. Innovative
5. Community
6. Fun and a Little Quirkiness

The six values are also painted on pillars throughout the contact center as a reminder to the team that these values are part of NOVO 1’s cultural foundation.

Other reminders of the importance of great service include photos of the top 5% of their case studies, which are displayed throughout the contact center. Outside of the training room, there is a wall dedicated to the "fan mail" received from customers and clients. Jack told us that the placed the fan mail in that exact spot for a purpose: to show new and current trainees why their job matters, and to show the importance of providing that "brilliant" customer experience

As part of the tour, attendees were given a look at the company's customized hiring and training solutions. Mary emphasized that hiring and training key components to inspiring, engaging and empowering employees – and to creating a strong client relationship as a result.

It was a great opportunity to tour this fantastic center and to allow our conference attendees learn about its secrets to Customer Experience success!

To find out more about NOVO 1, its mission and its contact center culture, visit www.novo1.com.

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.