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Agent-to-Supervisor Ratio

Having the right ratio of support and supervision for your contact center's staff is crucial - but there is no "one-size-fits-all" formula. Needs vary from center to center, so what impacts this ratio in yours?

Last week, ICMI polled our audience to find out. We asked, "What factor has the greatest impact on your center’s agent-to-supervisor ratio?" 46% replied, "Budget constraints." Does this mean that many of you are dealing with fewer supervisors per agent? 30% replied that "Team size/Presence of team leads" had an impact - in the article, Staff to Supervisor Ratio Brad Cleveland notes that many team leaders are taking on the responsibilities of the supervisor. "Workload" also has significant impact over the ratio, according to 19% of you. Finally, 3% said that "Hours of operation" was a factor and 3% simply replied "Other."

What other factors impact how many supervisors are on call in your center at any given time? Share your thoughts and comments with us here!