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Agent Desktop Tools

Does your call center use agent desktop tools? When ICMI polled our audience recently, we were intrigued to discover that 10% replied "No, they're not for us." If you're not using desktop tools in your call center, then what are your agents using?
On the other hand, more than half replied that their agents did use desktop tools: 36% say "Yes we do - and they’re great!" while 23% say, "Yes, but we’re having some challenges with them."
31% responded that they would like to use these tools.

Overall, you're either using them... or you're not. ICMI did not receive any responses that call centers had tried using desktop tools, but it had not worked out. Has this happened in your center? Share your experiences with us here: What kinds of tools to do you find to be the most useful, and why? Or why not?