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NOVO 1 Site Tour

 At the ICMI Call Center Demo & Conference a group of attendees toured a Dallas-area call center. I had the opportunity to lead the site tour of the NOVO 1 Call Center Headquarters in Fort Worth.

After our arrival we all participated in a discussion with the NOVO 1 leadership team.  The NOVO 1 leadership team shared with us their culture, technology, and goals.  NOVO 1 provides a variety of outbound and inbound services for their clients.  NOVO 1 incorporates the top 1% of call center best practices through their unique Customer Obsession Program.  Their culture is keenly focused on its vision of H3—Happy employees, happy customers, happy clients. 

Then we split into three groups and toured the center. I found myself flipping through the little black book we were given that was a very clear book entitled—‘What We Believe’.  The first page of the book stated “We believe every customer contact either helps or hurts your brand—there is no in between.”  I found the book to be very straightforward and I noticed several other call center demo attendees thinking about what their own call center ‘what we believe’ book would look like.  This book gives employees and clients a clear picture and vision for NOVO 1’s culture.  Talking with the leadership team I could tell they were very passionate and the attendees were eager to share in the community conversation. 

This site tour gave attendees the chance to connect with NOVO 1 and be part of the knowledge exchange in the call center community. I noticed that the center was extremely colorfully decorated but beyond that I found myself walking past one of the senior leadership team member’s offices and I saw these words—“The two most under emphasized leadership skills:  1. Trust building and 2. Respect.”  I found that profound as I continued to tour with other attendees and walked through the hallway that showcased fan mail that was covered with positive feedback from clients and customers. I imagined these leaders and agents coming to work every day and constantly striving for success. It’s not just a job to them, it’s a career in which they’re passionate about contributing to the possibilities and to the level of excellence of their customer service. 

NOVO 1 is also highly invested in providing the best tools and customized smart desktop solutions for their agents so they can assist the customer.  The bright orange, blue, and green décor was eye catching although I was most struck by the passion and dedication by the management.  These leaders were exceptionally engaged and welcoming to the call center community in the Dallas-area this week.

Our gracious NOVO 1 hosts Mary Murcott—Chief Executive Officer,  Eric Rothert—Chief Operating Officer, Jack Wilkie---Chief Marketing Officer and SVP of Development, John Sykstus—Chief Financial Officer, Mitchell Swindell—Chief Technology Officer gave the tour group a in-depth look into their culture.

I encourage everyone in the call center community to start sharing, start becoming more a part of this knowledge exchange within the call center community so that as whole we can drive and refocus our contact center’s for success. I was so glad to be able to participate in this experience.