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Make Training Count Tip 7: Ensure Trainers Understand Objectives and the Audience

Continuing my series, Make Training Count: 10 Tips to Increase ROI, here is my seventh tip: The trainer/facilitator understands (as much as reasonably possible) the goals/objectives for the training as well as the target audience.

Assuming training is the right solution; the trainer should have a clear understanding of what the overall need/problem to be addressed is and develop training objectives that match that. Participants must know what to expect from the course. They must be clear on the overall objective of the program. For example if the program is designed to be a refresher for  representatives on how to navigate a key desktop application, it is important to indicate whether the class will be taught at an advanced, intermediate or introductory level. If the class is on customer service skills/soft skills, what new behaviors should participants be able to demonstrate as a result of the training? 

In addition, it is critical that the trainer (whether internal or external) know as much as possible about their audience. Some questions that will enable that understanding include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the job responsibilities, titles and functions of the participants?
  • What is their knowledge of the learning session topic(s)?
  • How much do they know?
  • Have they ever attended other training sessions on this or a similar topic?
  • Is this subject matter completely new to them?
  • What topics/subject matter is most critical and relevant for them to learn?
  • What topics/subject matter is least important?
  • What is the culture around learning and training? (I.e. do people look forward to it, see it as a reward?)
  • What about attendance is it mandatory or voluntary?
  • Has pre-planning communication taken place? (Do they know why the training is taking place and what the expectations are?)
  • Are they excited about attending the session?

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