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Call Center Technology Roundup November 10, 2011: Intelligent Contact Center, Enhanced Call Recording, Multilingual Chat, Hosted Solution Suits Microsoft Lync

Intelligent Customer Engagement Solution Has Real-Time Analytics, Predictive Social Media and Chat

Sword Ciboodle has partnered with SAS to introduce the Intelligent Contact Center, a customer engagement solution that offers real-time analytics and other predicative capabilities. The solution consists of four advanced engagement tools: Intelligent chat, Intelligent offers, Social media intelligence and Lead management and campaign execution. Intelligent chat is a real-time predictive chat that can identify and note a company’s high-value prospects, which will contribute generating an Intelligent offer. The Intelligent offers are generated by collected insights that identify relevant and timely cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Next, the Social media intelligence feature develops and processes conversational data from across the social web to provide a more in-depth view of a company’s customers and then create a relevant proactive outreach and reactive customer care. Finally, the Lead management and campaign execution engages a customer profiling intelligence that is delivered through Sword Ciboodle’s Unified Desktop tool, Ciboodle One, which will enable agents to follow through with the next best action for each individual customer, highlighting the most appropriate action to turn new contacts into sales leads and existing customers into upsell and cross sell candidates.

Call Recording Solutions Upgraded with Cloud Licensing, Live Monitoring and Location Mapping

OAISYS has released versions 7.1 of its Talkument and Tracer digital call recording and management software, which includes the addition of Cloud Licensing, Live Desktop Monitoring and Caller Location Mapping functionality. The Cloud Licensing Service enables automatic registration of an OAISYS recording system and the ability to apply additional licenses directly via the cloud. Live Desktop Video Monitoring for the Live Calls application of the Tracer solution allows authorized users to view the live desktop activity of an agent, and live voice monitoring. The Caller Location Mapping feature enables the display of a map showing a caller’s location based on physical address or longitude/latitude coordinate information, which can be entered and saved through other OAISYS system applications.

Cloud-based Contact Center Solution for Small-to-Medium Enterprises

Whaleback Systems has released the cloud-based CrystalBlue Contact Center Solution designed for small-to-medium enterprises (SME). The CrystalBlue Contact Center routes inbound calls to the correct person or department through automatic call distribution groups. The service can be scaled per agent using a web-based dashboard for configuration and monitoring. As a cloud-based solution, the CrystalBlue Contact Center promotes remote agent environments and provides real-time monitoring, reporting and agent log-in functionality. It also offers on-demand service, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) and advanced rule definitions for call routing.

Lionbridge Partners With LivePerson to Create a Real Time, Intelligent Global Chat

Lionbridge Technologies and LivePerson have partnered to develop the GeoFluent for LivePerson Chat integrated cloud-based multilingual chat application. This chat application enables English-speaking agents to engage customers and prospects within existing LivePerson applications in multiple languages from one location.

Hosted Contact Center Solution for Microsoft Lync Server 2010

WorkSpace Communications has partnered with AltiGen Communications, Inc. to deliver a hosted, software-as-a service (SaaS)-based contact center solution for Microsoft Lync that can be integrated and deployed with both WorkSpace Communications' hosted Lync offering or with an existing premise-based Microsoft Lync Server solution. The new contact center solution offers clients the ability to integrate the Microsoft Lync Unified Communications environment with contact center technology via AltiGen's MaxACD platform.

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.