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Call Center Technology Roundup August 25, 2011: Smart Dial Service, SAP Software Picked by Agilent, Aprimo offers new IMM solutions.

Gila launches new service for credit union targeted dialing campaigns

Gila, LLC has recently launched the new SmartDialz service for targeted dialing campaigns. Designed exclusively for Gila's credit union clients, the service involves advanced, integrated outbound dialing algorithms that can consistently predict best available contact times. This technology enables the development of company-specific strategies and allows each credit union to maximize RPC (right-party contacts) to delinquent members.

SAP Software Selected by Agilent Technologies

Agilent Technologies has selected the SAP Business Communications Management software by SAP AP. The software-based IP telephony solution will enable the company to integrate its current telephony system with SAP's Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) application. The customer service software offers multiple contact channels and can handle incoming, multi-channel inquires through telephone, email fax, voicemail, text messaging and the Web without traditional communications systems hardware. The software also features interactive voice recognition, intelligent routing and business intelligence (BI). The software offers a cost-savings for Agilent and will be integrated into 37 of its call centers worldwide.

M5 Networks and Bluewolf Launch Business SMS for Salesforce

M5 Networks has partnered with Bluewolf to launch the M5 Business SMS for Salesforce.com. The new business SMS enables users to send and receive text messages directly from their M5 business phone number, without needing a mobile device or a separate SMS number. Users can also integrate these SMS messages into their Salesforce.com CRM software and automatically log and associate the SMS communications with business data. This new technology enables businesses to record, manage and review the messages sent and received along with the appropriate client data.

Aprimo Enhances Their Integrated Marketing Management Solutions

Aprimo, recently acquired by Teradata, has added-to its Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution offerings to include the Aprimo Real-Time Interaction Manager, an inbound marketing solution that provides a host of features –such as self-learning analytics and a strategy manager - that impact customer interactions in real time to present the offer best-suited to each individual customer. The offers are centrally managed in a content repository and delivered on demand through all available touchpoints, including the Web, call centers and points-of-sale. The solution features a host of components. There are also new versions of the Aprimo Marketing Studio (AMS) and Aprimo Relationship Manager (ARM) that enables easy integration between these two products, including an added single sign-on capability for customers that already use both solutions.

Christina Hammarberg is the former associate editor at ICMI.