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Phone: 646-230-5000 option 1
Address: 245 West 17th Street, 9th Floor
New York, NY 10011

Over 2,000 businesses run on M5’s managed VoIP phone system. Our most successful customers compete on service and rely on phones. M5 pioneered hosted VoIP in 2000 and has established itself as a cloud computing expert and unified communications specialist. M5’s market advantage comes from a combination of our own Call Conductor software, the most reliable softswitch on the planet, and a workforce of experts focused on deploying its features. The result is a well-managed system, making it easy to harness powerful unified communications features to achieve real business impact.

Your business is always changing, and your phone system should be able to keep up.  M5 gives customers the flexibility to change their  phone experience as business conditions demand.

You take responsibility for your products and services; shouldn’t your phone company?  M5 is built to enable us to measure and manage the whole experience from call quality to call flow.

Any vendor can list the features that their solution provides today, but what about the  features that emerging technology will make possible in the future?  M5’s infrastructure makes it possible for us to leverage new ideas without  requiring hardware upgrades.  We are dedicated to driving the future of VoIP based on our client’s needs.

Our solution facilitates integrations with other  applications like M5 Contact Center and popular CRM solutions.

M5’s mission is to provide phones, applications and service that customers love.


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When scheduling contact center representatives, do you offer consecutive days off?

Yes, we do it for employee morale purposes and understand that it may impact our service levels/customer experience.
Yes, if it does not affect our ability to meet service level and meet customer expectations.
Yes, we do it as a part of our reward and recognition program for our representatives.
No, we do not because of the negative impact on our ability to meet customer expectations and service level.
No, we do not for multiple other reasons.
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