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Event Overview

About ICMI's Contact Center Expo: A Digital Experience on May 15, 2024!

ICMI’s Contact Center Expo: A Digital Experience is a virtual conference designed specifically for the unique needs of contact center and customer service professionals. It will arm them with the tools, knowledge and connections that will advance their performance and career.

Unlike most virtual events which can feel like consecutive webinars, we invest in delivering an interactive, community-focused experience that’s rooted in practical and actionable information and customized networking. 

The event features independent content brought to you by practitioners and industry thought leaders who remain on the cusp of the latest trends, technologies, and topics. 


Educational Programming Fit for Everyone

ICMI's Contact Center Expo: A Digital Experience delivers expert strategy and insight into the technologies and concepts you need to know to plan, manage, and optimize your contact center. ICMI’s educational conference programming is focused on the rapidly changing global business client, giving our attendees a leg up on their competitors to become the new trailblazers of the contact center. 

Whether you are an industry veteran or new to the market, the content and networking opportunities at A Digital Experience will give you the skills and insight that put you on the leading edge. Our sessions provide real-world examples and strategies that address the major challenges affecting the data center industry, from basics to expert-level education. 


Highlights from ICMI’s Contact Center Expo

 Orlando 2023 Event Picture  Orlando 2023 Event Picture  Orlando 2023 Event Picture