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ICMI Certifies CGS Administrators LLC (CGS) via its Contact Center Site Assessment Program

ICMI Certifies CGS Administrators LLC (CGS) via its Contact Center Site Assessment Program

Call Center Site Certification Program Validates CGS for its Best-in-Class Contact Center and Effective Customer Management Strategy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, November 18, 2013 – The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) announced today that it has certified CGS via its Site Certification program. CGS, which provides quality, cost-effective services and technical solutions to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), passed the initial assessment and was able to be audited and certified immediately. Their accelerated advancement through the rigorous certification program is extremely rare, and validates CGS’s best-in-class contact center and effective customer management strategy.

ICMI’s Site Certification Program supports a comprehensive call center management framework that employs a mix of specialized tools, cross-industry best practices, assessments, and proven systems. This helps participating organizations deliver sustained contact center efficiency and effectiveness over the long term, including real fiscal impact on both top and bottom lines. Comprised of a four-step process, participants first take part in a formal assessment, followed by an improvement and implementation period, then a subsequent audit which finally prepares them for certification.

“Supporting an effective contact center operations strategy enables organizations to deliver an optimal customer experience,” noted Tara Gibb, ICMI’s Global Brand Director. “Given their high performance via the assessment and audit, CGS is clearly committed to providing excellent customer service.”

Through ICMI Site Certification, participating organizations are able to focus on meeting core business objectives, including:

  • Improving the financial performance of the contact center
  • Building and maintaining customer loyalty and lifetime customer value
  • Standardizing processes and best practice collaboration
  • Increasing employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Improving business intelligence and analytics

“CGS is honored to receive this prestigious certification and proud of the fact that our existing practices were able to meet the stringent requirements,” Steve Smith, CGS President said. “It clearly points to the dedication of our call center management team as well as the customer service advocates that serve our customers daily.”
Kenyon Floyd, CGS Director, Provider Customer Service continued.  “We are excited about the feedback provided from the assessment and will use the recommendations to further enhance our premier Medicare call-center.”

To learn more about ICMI Site Certification and professional certification as well, please visit: icmi.com/certification.

About ICMI
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About CGS Administrators LLC
CGS Administrators LLC (www.cgsmedicare.com) has provided quality, cost-effective services and technical solutions to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for over 46 years, impacting the lives of over 20 million Medicare beneficiaries and over 85,000 health care providers and suppliers of medical equipment in 33 states. The company's expertise includes information systems technology, claims processing, customer service and payment safeguard functions. CGS is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

About Celerian Group
Celerian Group (http://celeriangroup.com) is a consortium of companies which helps government and private healthcare plans navigate the complexities of benefits administration in a changed marketplace. As part of Celerian Group, CGS handles Medicare and Medicaid benefits administration, claims processing, member and provider services, provider credentialing, and education.