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ICMI Becomes Exclusive Licensee of CIAC Certification

ICMI Becomes Exclusive Licensee of CIAC Certification

ICMI Becomes Exclusive Licensee of the Call Center Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) Certification Program, the first and only industry-recognized, accredited professional certification for the customer management industry – created by the industry for the industry

Next generation of CIAC Certification Standards to be Launched in 2012 Along With Certification Training and Assessment Programs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado, June 14, 2011 – The International Customer Management Institute (ICMI) announced today that it has become the exclusive licensee of the Call Center Industry Advisory Council (CIAC) Certification program. CIAC Certification is the first and only industry-recognized, accredited professional certification for the contact center industry.

ICMI has been a licensed provider of training  for CIAC Certification since the program was  introduced in 2003, and ICMI’s founding partner, Brad Cleveland, co-authored the first CIAC Certification training manuals in that same year.  Given this long standing relationship and its new status as the exclusive licensee of the CIAC Certification program, ICMI is committed to ensuring that the competency standards reflect current-day call center management best practices.  ICMI will review and update the CIAC Certification competencies this year in consultation with a broadly representative group of contact industry experts who will vet them for relevancy as members of the Industry Council.  ICMI will launch the next generation of CIAC Certification competency standards in 2012 along with ICMI’s certification training and assessment programs.

“Because ICMI has been on the front line, training professional certification candidates since the inception of the CIAC Certification standards, we have witnessed the value this investment can provide organizations who support a high performance workforce,” noted Tara Gibb, ICMI’s Global Brand Director. “We are absolutely invested in making certain the CIAC Certification standards continuously reflect the most current call center management best practices, created for the industry, by the industry.”

Professional certification is the process by which the competence of individuals is validated and recognized in a specific area of expertise. Certification indicates a person has demonstrated mastery of a body of professional knowledge and skills, and is dedicated to staying abreast of new developments in the profession.  Because the CIAC Certification standards are based on a comprehensive competency approach, they verify a mastery command of the knowledge, skills and ability needed to run an effective call center.

“Excellent management is the foundation of any successful call center,” said Fredia Barry, President of the CIAC. “Strong call center leadership has a direct impact on company performance – whether through improved customer loyalty and retention, increased revenue, cost efficiencies or a combination thereof. Maximizing this potential impact of effective leadership requires true proficiency in all aspects of call center management. CIAC Certification ensures that the individuals responsible for the strategic and operational management of a call center are fully equipped to leverage the impact of their center on larger corporate goals.”

Added ICMI Founding Partner Brad Cleveland, “Trends such as new communication capabilities, emerging social channels, and the fact that more and more customers are ‘always-on, always connected,’ are leading to significant upgrades in customer service operations.  Customer service has become a vital differentiator, and many companies are highlighting their commitment to superior customer service in their mainstream marketing campaigns. Certification of employees who acquire needed skills and knowledge is becoming an important competitive advantage.”

To learn more about CIAC Certification and ICMI’s professional certification training, please visit: icmi.com/certification.